Our Xperience at SpaceX 2017!

On one fateful evening in late January 2017, the Berkeley Hyperloop team assembled for what seemed like one of the last times and braced for a 6 hour long road trip.

Yes, ironically enough, bLoop, a team formed around the idea of high-speed transport, was headed to Los Angeles on a bus that went at approximately 1/10th the Hyperloop Pod we'd all set out to emulate 8 months ago. After what seemed like the longest road trip of our lives, we arrived in Hawthorne midnight of 27th January 2017 - the beginning of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. Little did we know what wild three days awaited us. Recollecting Competition Weekend is akin to remembering a dream after you wake up. You remember intense bits, you remember pleasant bits, and then there are some bits that you'd rather not talk about at all. From late nights painting our pod, scrambling to make repairs, fangirling over Elon Musk and bonding over Korean Barbeque, bLoop went from a few people passionate about fast pods to a team that competed against the world's best engineering teams. We heard Elon Musk speak, interacted with brilliant people, watched our pod go from design to completion and had the best time our lives learning and bonding as a team.

Competition Weekend was a huge success, but it wouldn't have been possible without the support of our sponsors, families and friends. We'd like to thank all of you once again, and we hope you continue to support us as we move into this new phase of operation.

bLoop forever!

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