Thank You Modus!

Hey bLoopers!

These are exciting times for Berkeley Hyperloop - with just over a month left to the competition, our subteams have been hard at work finishing up our beautiful pod. Thanks to the efforts of our diligent team members, bLoop is on track to compete at SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition from the 27th to the 29th of January, and man are we excited! However, the holidays are also a time for gratitude, and bLoop is immensely grateful for our fantastic sponsors, who have not only helped provide us with resources, but have also believed in us from the start. Today, the team would like to thank one such remarkable sponsor, a sponsor without whom our pod would be literally impossible to build - Modus.

Modus, previously known as Western Rubber & Supply, Inc., is an engineering solutions provider that has been an indispensable partner to bLoop throughout the semester's design and build cycle. To put it simply: Modus is the reason bLoop's design and build cycle could occur over a single semester. Building pods is an arduous process, one that requires days after days of cutting, welding, heating and assembling parts. Thanks to Modus' advanced solutions, bLoop's production process has been substantially streamlined.

Serving clients as prolific as Tesla Motors, Modus is no newcomer to the engineering solutions. With an experience of over 40 years in the field, Modus' world-class industrial tools and service are hard to find elsewhere. For instance, bLoop's cutting needs were met with a waterjet cutter that belongs in science-fiction movies. With 8 nozzles, and immaculate accuracy, Modus' waterjet cut our primary chassis and tooling ribs, ranging from 1/2 to 1/32in in thickness. With such efficiency, Modus is able to process large cutting orders in a matter of days. On multiple occassions, Modus' turnaround time for bLoop's was as quick as a day or two - making urgent production targets possible to meet.

Modus' generous (and efficient) solutions have been an essential part of Berkeley Hyperloop's journey so far, and we're excited about the coming few days. Stay tuned for more updates about the build process, and of course, the competition in January!

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