Innovation? We Know a Thing (or Two)

Hey everyone!

Berkeley Hyperloop has been hard at work - with our crowdfunding in full drive, and our engineers working tirelessly to bring the pod to life, we're busier than ever. However, my favorite part yet was last week, when we had the honor of attending the Ansys Northern California Innovation Conference in Mountain View, California.

After an eventful (to put things delicately) drive to the Computer History Museum on a sunny Thursday morning, we stepped into a room full of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs all gathered to discuss the future of technology. With breathtaking talks such as the future of the Internet of Things preceding us, it was safe to say that we were in the right place. Finally, it was bLoop's time to shine. After a flattering introduction by our friends at Ansys, Tyler and Neel took the stage to talk about how bLoop really is transforming progress towards a working Hyperloop. Neel and Tyler took us through our vision to change the future of transportation, our focus on safety, and how our engineering teams were hard at work to perfect the most minor of details - from our circuitry to our chassis.

As Neel talked about the aerodynamics of the pod, I could see the engineers and executives in the room jostle with excitement, already whispering to the person adjacent. And after Tyler took the room through our electromagnetic braking system, there was enough energy in the air to power a Hyperloop ride (or maybe more, since we're so efficient). Afterwards at lunch, we had the opportunity to talk to industry leaders as they offered computational space, logistical help, and advice on various sections of the build - invaluable advice we couldn't have elsewhere.

Finally, Berkeley Hyperloop would like to thank Ansys for not only hosting us at this brilliant event, but also continually supporting our efforts from the start. Speaking to Ansys engineers was one our favorite parts of the day, and we're excited about the future of bLoop's relationship with Ansys.

We've been hard at work, you've been donating, but we still have a ways to go! To learn more about our efforts (and support them), head on over!

P.S. Shoutout to Ray for the awesome sandwiches on the way back!

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