Fall’19 Recruitment

We are excited to on-board new members to the Berkeley Hyperloop family! Get in on the ground floor as we begin our design cycle for our (most advanced ever) pod for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition’20.


Infosession | September 9th, 8 PM in Cory 521

Applications Due | September 14th at 12 PM

Hear Back From Us | September 16th at 12 PM

Projects (Invite only) | September 16th - 27th

Decisions | September 28th

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in new members?

Berkeley Hyperloop is a diverse team of individuals and we split our team into two focuses.

The engineering team (split into Propulsion, Structures, Stability, Braking, Signals and Controls and Levitation) focuses on the core design of the pod. Team members major in Mechanical Engineering, EECS, Civil Engineering, Bio Engineering, Physics and Computer Science.

The business team is critical towards fund-raising, sponsor relations, public relations, team function and getting the pod ready in time. Team members major in Business, IEOR, Media Studies and Cognitive Science.

We are an inclusive team that focuses on experience and enthusiasm more than your area of study.

What is the application process like?

This is a 3 step application that is split into infosession, application and projects. We look for interest during the infosession, your experience and ideology through our application and see your continued interest through our projects.

How much time commitment is expected from a member?

At Berkeley Hyperloop, we do not have any fixed expectations from our members. We believe in a “you get what you put in” philosophy.

The team has bi-weekly All Hands Meetings where all members get updated about the team and work together. Each sub-team also meets every week to work on projects.

What are the roles of each subsystem?

Propulsion | Responsible towards the design, analysis, optimization, manufacturing and testing of the propulsion mechanism of the pod. Our pod is expected to go 200+ MPH and propulsion makes that possible!

Braking | The braking team designs, analyzes, manufactures and tests the brakes of the pod. The pod comes to a halt very rapidly.

Structures | Responsible towards design, integrations, analysis, manufacturing and testing of the chassis and the pod as a whole. The structures team makes sure everything is properly packaged in the pod.

Stability | The stability team designs, manufactures and tests the wheels and the suspension system of the pod ensuring a stable and safe riding pod.

Signals and Controls | The S&C team is responsible for integrating all the electrical systems as well as implementing the controls that make this autonomous pod possible

Levitation | A brand new subsystem that will implement the levitation system of the pod. This team will integrate Master of Engineering students that will pursue this as their capstone project.