Get on this Hyperloop!

Hey everyone,

We're hitting milestones!

Thanks to your help, Berkeley Hyperloop has now raised over $4,300, and we're only going up from here! With 25% of our funding goal realised, we can now afford to buy our Pod all of its Sensors and Circuitry, as well as transport it to the competition in January, and still have some left over to repay you for your invalubale contributions.

However, we're not nearly done yet. For Berkeley to shine, and for another step towards a functional Hyperloop, we still need you to keep backing us through the journey. Head on over to and help us get to not just to the next milestone or goal, but to the future of transport as we know it. Friends, family, employees and employers - get to work, every dollar counts!

Berkeley Hyperloop

Levitating the future of transportation.