The future of transportation

With a dynamic team of 60 Berkeley engineers, designers, business leaders and 5 faculty advisers, Berkeley Hyperloop is building the future of transportation.

Hyperloop is an engineering challenge that is a revolutionary solution to many environmental and social problems. The concept is especially innovative for the United States, as public forms of transit are not as developed across large distances.

Together, we are the first and foremost team to leverage a build process that upholds safety as our core foundation. Now, we are working hard as we prepare for the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition in Summer 2018.

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Meet the design strategy behind the prototype that brought us to SpaceX's Hyperloop Competition 2018.

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Our organization is managed by Berkeley's brightest engineers, designers, and business leaders. Since our founding, we have grown into an established team on campus, holding 60 and growing active members that hail from a variety of disciplines.

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Our dynamic sponsors allow us to move our ideas into reality. Without them, Berkeley Hyperloop would not be possible. Learn about our sponsors or become a sponsor.